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Goodwood Revival 2009
18, 18 & 20-September

After the very successful Hillclimb Track Day event on 6/7th June we were pleased to be included in the Goodwood Revival Festival

This was the first visit the Dews club has made to the Goodwood Revival 18th – 20th September 2009        and we were well represented by the following club members

          MICHAEL SCHRYVER HISTORIC RACE CAR               Reg.   YNL 120
                                              Reg . CPJ 139B
                                                                 Reg.   FCV 694D
          SIMON MARRIOTT                                                      Reg.  DFE 230D
          NATALIE GILBERT                                                      Reg. GRX 310


All of these cars received a great deal of interest and put on a good show for theDEWS club. Michael Schryver was competing in the ST. Marys Trophy race and his celebrity driver was John Cleland who was first to practice, having never seen or sat in the car before this day it was decided to set a rev limiter @ 7200 r.p.m. he qualified well in 11th position for his part of the race with a time of 1.38.4 secs  

Clemment comments after practice were “ I could have gone faster if the rev limiter had not cut in , the brakes are very good so ill be cheeky on the braking come the race “   it was a job well done and he settled & liked the car , said it was great fun. Schryver's turn to qualify for part 2 of the event & on lap 5 posted a time of 1.36.3 secs which put him in the middle of the front row . Saturday race part 1: the rev limiter disconnected Cleland set of from row 5 with a stunning start to be in 4th position at the end of the first lap and looking good for a podium but after several laps started to drop back & on lap 6 while in 7th spot had to retire due to piston failure . it was decided to remove the power unit from the car & try to fix it for part 2 of the race on the Sunday for Schryver to drive , this was a tall order but Steven & Peter were up for the challenge !!  After removing the power unit they left the circuit at 6pm sat arriving back at the workshop in Cranborne at 8pm , dismantled the engine from the gearbox , removed diff & speedo end cover & cleaned , cylinder block re lineared no. 2 cylinder rebuilt & back to Goodwood by 6am Sunday morning , still dark Steven & Peter had to physically lift the power unit back into the car then get the road car out of Goodwood before 7 am curfew on post 1966 cars , so back to the camp site for a quick cup of tea , now getting light so cycled back to the circuit to finish off fitting the power unit , then to have re- scrutineered , quick run up of the engine and prepare for part 2 of the ST Mary's Trophy race.

'Schryver made a stormingstart to lead the field off the line but unfortunately he got hit off towards the end of the first lap so pitted to see the damage , returned to the track but had lost time and now with a misfire unable to be really competitive but did manage to bring the car home in 18th position . the team’s effort was rewarded by being honoured with “THE SPIRIT OF GOODWOOD AWARD“  for a wonderful effort under very difficult conditions.

So well done the DEWS boys.

The Davies family displayed original Downton worked 1960’s race car CPJ 139B along with trophies father Jack Davies had won and the Helmet he wore at the time , this proved very popular & many photos were taken of it as it is still in the original condition as raced in the 60’s .

Garry Dickens in his Cooper S FCV 694D along with Simon Marriott in Morris Cooper DFE 230D  and Natalie Gilbert in GRX 310D . enjoyed driving their cars around the Goodwood circuit on parade laps.

The weather was wonderful so all cars were able to be shown off to their best , the atmosphere was terrific and nearly everyone had dressed the part keeping up the spirit of the occasion.

Friday evening members attended a cocktail party at the Rolls Royce factory and a tour of the factory was on offer which everyone found very interesting.



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